'Seeker of Knowledge' archeology title

I have only recently found out the existence of this title and have currently started working on getting it.
I have 65 Pandaren finds
89 Mogu finds
and have 8/20 pristine artifacts solved

How is everyone else going on obtaining this title or how long did it take you?
Hey Kojax,

Just want to say that it took me about 3 months to get the title with my last pristine find being the 'Pristine Apothecary Tins.'

Keep at it and you might be able to get the title sooner than it took me.

Happy Digging =)
I was away since right before MoP dropped until the first of December, so I only really started working on Arch about mid-December.

I'm 19/20 now, I just need the Pristine Standard of Niuzao.
you will end up likely between 300-400 solves of each race
You'd expect to get a single pristine in your first 20 solves (5% chance per solve). For your last pristine, you'd expect 400 solves (5% chance of the right artifact, 5% chance of the pristine). In total, you'd expect about 1440 solves to reach Seeker of Knowledge.

However, about half of that comes in your last 3 pristines (400, 200, 133 expected). Once you're down to 1 - 3 pristines remaining, you have a good chance of only needing one of the two races. As a result, you can halve the number of solves needed by only searching sites for the appropriate race and using Lorewalker's Maps to wipe the others.

The only drawback with this approach is that it's slow. Your Lorewalker's Map will only wipe the one oldest site and it merely spawns a new random site (presumably since your other 3 sites are all the undesired race, you have a slightly greater chance of getting a desired site than not). Since it has a 30 minute cooldown, this means you really need to have something else to occupy your time when you're stuck on 4 worthless sites.
Good luck in your pursuit. I just got the title today. I started working on it in earnest about 2 weeks ago. I did not get all the pristines until I had completed all the collector editions of the relics. I have read that some may have gotten the pristines before they had collected the 20 relic groups.,but on our server , as far as i know, that is not the case.
Awesome thanks for the advice all. Need 4 more pristine solves atm.
I want to say it took me less then 3 weeks, Ive been farming dig sites for tol'vir artifacts for the mount and wasnt paying much attention to pristines, other then I get 3 artifacts for turning in the quest , score!
I just completed it today.

Total of 472 artifacts solved to get it. I had four of the Collector:20 achievements to go at the point of knocking out the title.

As suggested, I also got the Crawling Claw and the Aquamarine Battle Tank as a bonus.
I am currently missing 1 pristine solve but have all Collector: 20 achievements.
My advice for people is focus on pandaren more than mogu. Mogu dig sites seem to be more common for me.
I am currently missing 1 pristine solve but have all Collector: 20 achievements.
My advice for people is focus on pandaren more than mogu. Mogu dig sites seem to be more common for me.

The dig sites aren't more common, but the fragments are. Both the daily (which requires fragments) and the spawned beasts (which provide them) are Mogu-only.
On my last artifact. This is terrible.
Goes by faster if you put wow in windows mode and watch netflix or tv or something.

Really wish blizzard put in some mounts or pets in mop felt extremely jipped putting in all that time for crappy rares and achievement points and knowing I had no mounts to look forward to.

I think the highest amount of solves I had of any artifact though when I got my title was 41.
Hiya rapsoda!

I needa work on mine. So very lazy with archaeology nowadays.
been working on this for months, one solve to go, I have collected everything, except the pristine mogul runestone. it is driving me nuts. This last solve, so far, has seen me collect over 150 other things, which I don't need, this last one is taking forever. It has been nearly one month on the last one, working about two hours per day, and it just won't drop. Haaaaaaa.

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