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Is anything changing with CMs? I won't really have the free time to do them until Spring Break in March but if something is changing with them then I'll try to squeeze them in before 5.2
Nothing that I heard of.
I believe the plan for challenge modes is very hands off, unless exploits/bugs are found.

Though I do wish they would kill RNG in MSP. F that place.
They've been patching Challenge Modes all the time. They never mention them in the patch notes though. Mostly Stealth Buffs to NPC stuff that you can't get away with doing anymore.

IE: Gate of Setting Sun you used to be able to stand on top of the stairs at the end of the first pull and bombs that landed below the stairs couldn't hit you. Now they can go up the stairs so you actually have to pay attention and dodge them. Nothing crazy but made it much easier for groups to get done prior. I've done it both ways.

So the longer you wait the more likely it is there won't be many tricks left that you can get away with now that will save time. Or make them easier.
Well there's class change too. In 5.2 disc priest, ele shammy and brewmaster tank are getting heavy challenge mode buff simply because of raid balance (which is perfect for my group <3). That alone is gonna make all our run a bit faster but alot easier on execution too.

I also don't think they'll fix any tricks that makes a run faster unless they reset the leaderboard simply because it'd make it impossible to beat the current world times.
Pretty sure the DK trick in SM was patched.
well it wasn't as of 1 day ago
err anyone doin cmodes and would help me out... can't get a team even tho im completely capable in doing golds and ready for em

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