(H) Shattered Maul Clan.

Emerald Dream
Shattered Maul Clan is back!!

We are trying to give an even better Clan experience than before. We are looking for mature players to join our rank. We are a med-light Rp guild. Working on a RBG team. Lots of WPVP. If you are looking for a place to call home, Look no farther than The Shattered Maul Clan. We would love to have you in the Clan. Every member is treated as if they were part of the Clan family :) Come experience the Clan once more if you are an old member, Or Experience it for the first time :) All races and classes welcome :)
Best of luck to you Xan!! Welcome back to the Horde!!!

Thank you Stormful I'm glad to be back :)
I know we need to get more members for you to kill... err I mean for us to kill you :P Thanks Vesker for the bump :)
((bumpity bump for a group of cool people and an elf with a name way too close to mine))
Thank you the other Xan :P
*cries* I know... That stinky orc...

This thread lacks attention and amusement.
Thanks Rox,
And oh god two Xans? The wow world can't handle two Xans... *falls over*
Bump for the OTHER Xan! You! You're the other Xan!
Tee hee. Okay i'll let you have this one <3
(( bump with my mage! ))
Bumpity bump

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