(H) Shattered Maul Clan.

Emerald Dream
Bump from the G&PT
I'm surprised to see you gained control of the guild back from...well...whoever it got sold to before. Who is the GM now?
What's up Elrod!!! Long time no see man. Thought I saw you pop up on real id but was in and out getting ready for work. Yell at me this afternoon, looking at a solid RBG team for next season.

Xan is running it now. Doing a pretty good job too!

Good to see ya back!

*pounce hug* ELROD!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't get it back, I was given a lvl 25 guild and it was name changed :) I am running things now. Well at least trying to. I do need active officers and active members. You are more than welcome to come back <3 or really get your guild going for what you made it for :) it is good to see you again Elrod :)

Stormful that offer goes for you too hun would love to have you back as well. I really miss all my Smc buddies :)
Got a few unguilded characters that I may send your way. Loving being a Marine with my main though!

If you guys need anything... Backup... Rbgs... Whatever, let myself of anyone in guild know! Good luck and keep up the great work!!
I'll keep that in mind thanks :) We both know when i came back to the horde i made more than a few enemies lol
your unguilded toons are more than welcome.
Bump from the DOA!!
Maybe I want to join the party?

Cool story, Ryan.

Cool story, Ryan.

Lol your a creeper dude
Paolin please join the party Passes out ale to everyone

Vesker that vid man :p <3
By order of High Executor Teirvel Stromsbane, I bump this!
Get on your knees people!! The mighty Teirvel has spoken :P
Was with your guild back during cats. Can't speak for now, but back the, you had some good people and everyone was very helpful. Good luck with the clan!
Thank you,

I am trying to get that back. I want to be helpful and have the "family" setting in the guild. We were a well oiled machine and i miss that.

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