(H) Shattered Maul Clan.

Emerald Dream
Bump for more WPVP!!!
:) thanks I am trying to get more members for more Wpvp.
We are currently recruiting active officer. We need Pvp and Rp officers. We also need acitive members. We are open to all classes and levels. You can contact me in game or on here with any questions :)
Do you have hookers?
02/28/2013 11:07 PMPosted by Roxamus
Do you have hookers?

Sorry Rox we are fresh out. The orcs got a little rough with them.
We are still recruiting :)

Xanathal is best Xan.
Might faction change. Might join this guild. Might help you. Maybe.

Xanatera is the second best Xan :P

Rox if you bring the hookers... then there will be hookers
Xanathal #1 Xan.
Well duh! tis why I said I was the second best silly :p

oh yeah bump and stuff :)

I don't have any mains in this guild, but I do have some alts. I plan on xfering my 90 Mage over when I get the money though.

It's a great guild with friendly people always willing to help out. (:
Bump for SMC
Thank you :)

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