Verizon FiOS Lag Fix for the people who need

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Hey so after taking the time to find that blizzard can't help due to Verizon FiOS is not working that well as far as dropping packet's and things like that. And a whole bunch of people have been upset about this. After looking in to every thing with cmd with fixes dns clear programs. I Downloaded a program called WTfast, witch is a proxy and is really really easy to use... [Link ]
1. Download it.
2. install it.
3. pick your game and sever then click okay! (yes it has all severs and all games 800+)
I have not had lag at all ! This is only till Verizon FiOS get's it's stuff together
It is a trial i got the idea from Smoothping. From older post on here. Hope it helps every one. Please post here if it does.
Fyi i now ping at 9-9 world and home, just like last time no more 1000 + ping. Enjoy

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