New Boomy LF 3s and 5s for next season.

I've recently moved to Darkspear to try and progress in the PvP environment. The previous server I was on didn't offer that, we basically did it for fun.

I'm looking for any viable comp in 3s and 5s.
I currently have been gearing for Moonkin, but I do realize that this tier is almost over. I do not mind switching my spec if it would benefit the team.

I can play Resto and Feral as well.
I have a working mic, I am vocal and I am open to criticism. I do not rage quite as I know it takes time to get into a grove off how each individual person plays.

( I am also looking for RBGs 1800 exp, around 1650 CR )

Feel free to leave a response here or you can contact me via in-game name - Comic
or BattleTag AngryManatee#1423

Look forward to hearing from you.


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