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Customer Support
I am ending my WoW accounts.
I do love wow but, its time for a break.

So my first accounts ends today, The
email I got said it ends at 1235.

So I am trying to login and check
that I have no pending game mail
and the like, but NO.... that time
was 0035 not 1235.

If you are
sending an email telling people that
there account ends at 1235AM You
need to say AM! My blizzard love
has dropped yet another notch.

Please kick your programers @$$
and get it fixed thank you and

Good bye
You do understand that 12:35AM is 00:35 is exactly the same time right?
Blizzard, like most people, do not use military time so 12:35am IS 00:35.
Yeah I have to do the same mr. Trainpain.
and uhm OP this is not a complaint forum, if you want something changed post it in general so those that can see that might work on it....

But i do think they have other issues than a minor time change in an email to deal with. Also using masked profanity is not a good way to get your point across....

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