Epic Rap Battles of Wyrmrest

Wyrmrest Accord
That being said, I won't post my work here, mainly because a man's flow is hardly done justice with only text. People will misinterpret syllable stress and all that stuff that sounds better when in actual rhythm.
Shoolad is still playing? Where can I find him?!
Listen up Alliance, at my roar of defiance.
Gettin' your jollies pointing out Garrosh's follies.
Ridin' that gnomish trolley, oops I mean, makin' Dwarf Baby Tamales
We don't need a promise from GC to win this fight.
Metzen knows we'll be alright.
Waiting until patch Five Point Three to show the Horde how you PVP.
Killing Garrosh in LFR acting like you're really hard.
We'll be with Tyrande in Darnassus, while Malfurion trips on Acid.
Before you call on Varian, take my advice
That man couldn't even protect his own son and wife!

( I tried)
02/04/2013 05:17 PMPosted by Barkatelune
Forbs Vs Salsbury

*Sets the volume selector on her Gnomish mic to: "Mind Blowing"*

Bring it.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
So I'm sittin' at my desk just nursing a cup
an' waiting for the best RP realm to come up.
Breakfast is done, and the cat's in my lap,
lookin forward to reading some dope Wyrmrest rap!
But I see nothin' here, you guys are lettin' me down.
Instead of a smile, now I'm wearin' a frown!

We need some rhymes up in here
and some battles to /cheer
Alliance versus Horde, cuz you know we're all bored
So pickup that KB and get your flow into gear!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Garrok and Forbs! Make it happen!
More rap battles! moooore!
Me vs. Shaarkhan.

You guys are awesome, pure awesome.

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