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Hi peeps currently 8/16 have Empress to Phase three (saved lock out)and garalon best attempt is 45% ish but only tried him for really one night on our main progression team.

We run three teams
Progression team Fri Sun
Mon team
Sat team
and a Thursday open invite

We are currently recruiting for core spots in all teams after losing a couple of playerrs losing interst in cata.. We re a clear raiding guild with a number of socials able to full roles but currently have the following spots open

Fri sun -- Geared dps be great to have a healing os
Mon mage or ele shammy and any dual spec dps/heals (no druids)
Sat mage or ele shammy (again dual specced be great)

we are a relaxed raiding guild ocused on hard raiding in a limited time. Our current progression is behind what we are used to in our progression team but constant player movement due to getting bored withthe game has held us back

very keen to hear from interested players

we run from 8 to 11 sat we go 9 to 12 AEST or ST .

Atlanta has been running since FL and has established a base of 300 lus raiding toons. All plyers are active and current or past raiders with alot of knowledge base. Traditionally have had a number of world ranked players so we hit above our ilevels and hopefully we can over take number of guilds in 5.2 which is now our real focus.
Many opportunites here really keen to hear from a progression based player. We have been held back due to a slow start then losing players quitting the content and one doing the wrong thing by us after we fully geared them. Dps with an OS heals will rock but any verey capable dps palyer is looked at looking for 480 plus and looking more towards 490 i we canseeing tha is where our current player base is.
I will arrange a battletag today for those wishing to contact me. In cata we were heaviliy into HM content and will be again when we get the right team
Progression team is now 3/6 hof 6/6 mv and 1/4 toes

garalon and HM MV next focus with toes
Key spot needing filling now is the progression team. Currently working on Garalon and Tslong and had attempts at HM Elegon last night.

This is a stong team currently ranked 24th onthe server in a short 6 hours a week of raiding and having started 5 weeks after th main teams 5.2 will show where Atlanat truely siton Dath.

90% raid attendance with quality dps capable of holding their own with our current team is a necesity
still loooking for a Core DPS for the progression team. I am really keen to hear from some one capable to heal as well so ele shammy, boomy will work great there or we can go with a pure dps as well loooking for a very capable player and a long term position with 90% raid attendance
stil looking for the core spot dps if a os heals is availble we wil hold you in very high regard
reopenning swing heler role for a shammy
still looking
ww monk with mw off spec looking for core spot in a weeks time

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