The Late Night/Early Morning Coffee Bar

Wyrmrest Accord
Taldin sits down with a big glass mug full of mocha latte, the exterior of which reads "#1 Dead Guy"

A hooded figure comes creeping out of the night. She slinks up to the bar, mutters something to the barrista and glances around, all jittery-like. She glances briefly at the Forsaken.

A night elf, short for her race, lifted her head from where she had been peering closely at her plate of fish omelette and toast. She blinked tiredly at the forsaken and unknown woman before finally registering the words.

Oh... morning.
Taldin takes two lumps of sugar and unceremoniously drops them into his latte. After conjuring up a small silver spoon, he begins stirring slowly as he watches the others.

So... Don't see many people around here that often. Only people who have sleep problems, like me. Well, not like me. I'm dead.
Sals struts in, smoking cigar in his mouth. He surveys the room, spots Taldin and grins. Striding over, he plops himself down next to the Forsaken, ordering a coffee from the waiter, giving him a wink.

Taldin! Buddy! How's it goin'? Is tha' decaf? Shouldn't drink decaf. Have youse seen the news on those random bear attacks? Terrible. Don't let Aguste know. Terrible indeed. Is that decaf? Blegh, hate that stuff. How's the family? Goblin wife is it? Just the one? Always pegged you for a plygamist. Or is it piggamyst? Or Piggy-fist? I can't recall. Doesn't matter. Hey, is that decaf? Anyways, so what have you been up to? Heard about that Dalaran mess. Shame, tsk tsk. Where will you get your fancy robes now? I always like your fancy robes. Best robes in town. I was saying to Mable, I says, "Mable, Taldin has some of the best, most fanciest robes in all of Azeroth". True story. Is that decaf? I should probably get tea as well. Goes hand in hand with tea, coffee does. Good coffee. Hope it isn't decaf. So how long you been up people? Long time? Night elf there looks jittery. Probably all the berries they eat. Or is it fairy dust? Is that a drug? Is that decaf? Anyways, I think we should go into business supplying bear repellent. Is that decaf?
Jane pauses, coffee cup halfway to her mouth. She was about to enjoy her blueberry flavored drink from the gods when the top-hat wearing goblin strutted in and plopped down near the undead and began running his mouth off while continuously asking the corpse if his drink was decaf.

She wondered if he had some sort of traumatic past involving decaf coffee. Shrugging, she takes a sip of her drink and sighs in contentment. Sweet, sweet blueberries.
After a long moment of silence spent staring at the Trade Baron, Taldin slowly takes a long sip from his mug, empty eye sockets never leaving the Goblin. As he lowers it back to the counter, he coughs lightly and sniffs.

...No, it's... it's not decaf.

Hopefully the same wasn't true for what the Trade Baron was drinking...
Not decaf? Good. GOOD. good. I like good. I dislike decaf. I mean, during the coffee war, when Decaf held those families hostage and showed that only the key to the bears would somehow manage to save the truce between the bold flavours and the decaf and the other types I don't recall, unless you recall? WHERE'S MY HAT?! Oh here it is, on my head. Good. I like that. Nice and sturdy. The head, not the hat. Hat is flimsy. Always flimsy. I've been up for 36 days so far, haven't slept a wink. Yup, when your like me, and busy. Busy busy busy. Busy busy bees? Busy reminds me of bees. I like bees. Taste good. No wait, that's honey. Comes from bees? Damn, bees are lazy. Just like those dock workers I flogged. Well, had the hobgoblins do it. One of them was trying to steal my thought waves with a head plunger. Invisible too. I should, invented it. Must've stolen it. It's alright, the plunger has a transponder device built it. It can ponder things on the 9th degree. Science, that's why. Mhmm, this coffee is good. Is it decaf? I can't have decaf, so much to do, so much to sell, and bears. Always bears.

The Trade Baron continues to smile, his left eye twitching.
Jane had finished her current cup by the time the goblin had finished his next slightly-insane sounding rambling, and she was wondering if she should attempt to flag down the barista to get a refill or just stay back away from the counter and the man raving about coffee wars and thought waves and 9th degree'd ponders.

She makes a face into her empty cup and sighs at her dilemma.
The human-looking woman took a seat at a random stool, protectively clutching her oversized ceramic mug. It looked like it could double as a weapon if a fight broke out.

"Dark roast, with just a little bit of whole milk," she requested. Then as an afterthought: "Do you have any blueberry scones? I'll take two."
Erydani rubbed a hand over her face in exasperation after spending far too long trying to comprehend what all the male goblin was saying. She spared a glance at the woman that sat a stool away from her and unconsciously pulled her own mug filled with honeyed latte closer. The night elf mumbled to herself after taking a long sip of it.

Too damn early. Late. Whatever, gah.

She shifted in her seat, hunching farther over her plate and mug like a nightsaber protecting it's kill from scavengers.
Jane watched as the human woman was served coffee and scones and her nose twitched a few times as her eyes fixated on the scones.

She didn't know they had BLUEBERRY scones for sale!

She flails her hand around to get the attention of the barista and when she finally is noticed she blarbles out her request for a scone or three and a refill.
She didn't realize until after the scones were delivered that they had cake pops, too. Cake pops. Vandy flagged the barista down.

"The cake pops ... I'm buying one for everyone sitting here."
Tanria has her hands wrapped protectively around a large, green mug full of green tea. No coffee for this one—there was something about those roasted beans that made her feel queasy. She didn't trust them anymore.

She eyed at the goblin who was talking his nose off. Where were the earplugs when you needed them?

The mention of cake pops caught her attention though.

"Ah... hm. You do not happen to have red velvets, do you?"
Vandy searched for the little placard inside the case. "Oh, looks like they have red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry."

She ordered a dozen of the strawberry ones to take home. Maybe she'd share some with Ellister - if the treats lasted that long.
Tanria opted for a red velvet and a chocolate one, paying the barista a couple extra silvers for the second treat.

Taking another long sip from her mug, she looked a little more awake now than she did last. She stashed the red velvet dessert for later, and took a bite of the chocolate one. Fingers immediately went to her coin purse.

"I will be taking a dozen more of these chocolate ones."
"Mrfrmarmfrfrf?" Jane asked the Draenei, blueberry scone halfway shoved in her mouth.

She was either asking the women if she knew where a great place to get laundry done was or if the chocolate ones were REALLY that good and then makes another muffled sound her treat towards the barista in the hopes that the employee can understand her and get her a chocolate one to try too.
Tanria turned to the goblin, one eyebrow raised. She takes another sip of tea.

"Please be trying again when you have eaten your scone."
"Marf." Was the only response Jane gave as she flailed around in her seat.

She managed to inhale the rest of the scone after a couple more minutes and gulped in air afterwards and almost coughed herself off her seat after she sucked a few scone-crumbs down the wrong tube.

Making a BLEAGH noise and several wheezing noises she sniffed, nose twitching, blinked twice, and then hollared at the barista for a chocolate cake pop.

And more blueberry coffee.
Thursday morning, a week later...

Taking his usual seat at the middle of the bar, the undead man orders himself up a vanilla latte. Something a bit different this time, in the hopes that it would brighten the morning. He waits until his mug is filled to the brim, then takes a long, deep drink. Lowering the mug, he wipes his lips and lets out a content sigh.

...S'good morning...

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