Is it worth it to use Power Word: Solace?

Hi Everyone,

I just got my 4 tier pieces bonus. Is it worth it for me to use Power Word: Solace in stead of From darkness, come light? Because the bonus increases power word: insanity? Any suggestion? TY
I forgot to mention the spec. Its shadow btw
Nope. The talent will likely be used after it's buffed in the next patch, but the only reason that the 4pc tier bonus affects Solace (Shadow Word: Insanity) is because the bonus first and foremost increases the duration of your dots. Without the Insanity buff attached at the end, the increased dot durations would make Insanity less powerful/useful. The increased Insanity damage is just a way to make up for longer dot duration and in no way makes the spell any better than it currently is.

And it's currently awful. From Darkness, Comes Light is almost always a dps gain over the other talents in that tier. Mindbender is good for fights with only one target in which you won't be moving much. (I can't think of one off the top of my head...)
Mindbender is a good choice for many 10 player heroics and normal fights depending on your groups strategy and/or dps needs. (e.g. Heroic Gara'jal it's great for after add phase burst when you pop out with the buff, FDCL is better if you can multidot a lot and get enough MS procs to make it worth your while.)

Full list here:
Lei Shi:
MB - to the best of your ability, time MBs with the protectors to get rid of them faster

I never liked MB for this fight but I hadn't thought of saving it for Protector phases. And I forgot all about Feng, that's a perfect fight for MB.

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