Looking for an active PvP guild!

Whats up everyone, Lyccea here. I am looking for a guild that is always active at any time during the day or night in PvP. I would love to be able to jump on the game at any time and own it up with some guildies in rbgs, arena, maybe some world pvp from time to time. Also, I do livestreaming so having a really active guild would be awesome for that as well, don't wanna run out of content to stream! Right now I have 2 main active characters that I PvP with which is my Death Knight and my rogue. My DK is full geared and my rogue is up and coming for 5.2 (just started arena and got the daggers.) I try to be as active in the game as possible but its no fun when there's never anyone to play with so let me know guys if any of you highly active PvP guilds out there need a new member or 2!
Welcome fellow Maelstromer! There are a lot of guilds on this server, especially on Alliance. The guild I'm currently in is extremely active at the moment. Don't think I've seen it below 30 people and has had upwards to 100 on at a single time. A good thing to do is to /who different guilds when you are online to see who is active at the same time you are. I will tell you that there are quite a few guilds that are rating exclusive, so be ready for that.

Btw, I used to have all my toons on Maelstrom, but moved 3 of them here. Still have a couple of 85's over there. Hit me up in game. Chances are I'll be on this toon or my main Dosequies.

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