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Earthen Ring
Hey guys im new to this realm and was really hoping to start role playing, only i dont know where to start can anyone help ? Thanks
Hi there Elamite, first off welcome to Earthen Ring! On that note, since you're Horde you will find that most of the Rp you'll come across is through scheduled events and group functions. There's no real definitive hub for the Horde like Alliance has (Mage Quarters - Blue Recluse) but there's plenty out there.

Id suggest checking out this first website I'm about to link to get an idea on some Rp stuffs. (Thank the great master Shaw/Sullivan for that)

Also, once you've checked that out check out the realm Rp website. This is where you'll meet a lot of Rp'ers in game and also find some scheduled events posted if you're interested. There's also tons of helpful individuals online that'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Hope I helped, welcome to Earthen Ring :)

The people on are very helpful. They helped me create my back story for my Draenei. I would recommend checking it out there.
I would also recommend going to I love it there and everyone is really nice.
I can also give you my battletag encase you ever want to rp. :)
Welcome to Earthen Ring! Like everyone else has said, Most of the Horde's RP is "secluded", by that, its more spread out than Alliance (Everyone's in Stormwind). Also, check out the network and Sullivan'S RP Guides. They help, a lot.
Even though I am alliance I was in your spot once to. A good thing to note is that is that when using an emote you can not kill someone on the spot or else people might not play with you. If for example you where in a group RP type your emote and do /roll and the other player will to if you get the higher number your attack can proceed if not the other player can avoid it. just something to think about anyway just have fun and be nice and people will like you just fine.
Feel free to hit me up for whatever. I enjoy good, random RP.

Edit: Mainly Alliance-side, but I might be talked into getting my old Horde shammy out some day. Send a mail in-game to catch my attention!

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