Revision is looking to rebuild a raiding core

Revision is a lvl 25 guild that has been raiding 10 man content on Dalaran since Wrath, but like several other guilds we've had a lot of attrition during MoP. Our members have always been mature adults who want to hang out with like-minded people and raid a couple of times per week, typically Tues and Sunday 9-midnight.

Since the holidays we've had several core raid members leave the game for various reasons leaving us with a need to pug each week, or forego raiding. With 5.2 on the horizon we are looking to shake things up a bit. We are looking to either add some raiders to our group or strike up an alliance with one or more other guilds that also have partial raid groups in need of decent people to fill the gaps.

We are not at all interested in merging into a large 25 man group, but we are not opposed to a merger with a similar-sized group to what we have now. If you have a group of adults who treat this as a game and not a lifestyle, and are interested in raiding send me a tell in game.

Hi this is Neive my main . I am in Earth and Wind and since Christmas Earth and Wind has not been able to roll a raid team. Several members are unable to raid due to real life commitments and therefore i am looking for my mage to find a raiding home. We were able to get to 4/6 MSV normal before Christmas. Let me know what your situation is. Thanks.
We are still looking for more to join us, or regularly raid with us, particularly tanks and at least one healer. We are raiding jointly with another guild for now, but we would prefer to get our own core back up to speed. Send me a note if you are interested.

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