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Guild Recruitment
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I hear you like raiding, so do we!

Di the Hunter is a new guild on Exodar. Please do not let the newness fool you. We created this guild last week after our long time 25 man fizzled out due to stagnation and simple recruiting logistics of keeping a 25 man roster healthy.

A group of very experienced and loyally dedicated players decided that we wanted to remain together on the same server and started this guild. Many of us have played together since BC. Absolutely none of us are unreliable guild hoppers and are in this for the long haul. We have invested real life money in mumble servers, hosting for our website, etc....And have taken gold and mats from our own pockets to stock our guild bank.

We all range from 6/16 heroic to 9/16 heroic kills and experience and have brought in a 16/16 heroic friend from another server to assist us with raid leading and transitioning to a 10 man guild.

What we expect here is respectable, competitive progression in a very friendly and stable environment. This, along with finishing all end game content in it's current tier is our primary focus. We are very proud of what we have put together here and excited with the prospect of what we can do with the difficulties of 25 man logistics removed.

If you would like to be a part of this, we do have a few needs:
1 Rogue or Ret Pally
1 Mage
A back up tank with a decent DPS off spec (or an alt you are willing to xfer over)

That being said, if you feel you are exceptional regardless of class or role, I would love to speak to you.

Raid times- Tue-Thur 8-11 (est)

Loot council with an eye towards raid and not personal progression.

Any questions or for more information, please contact myself or Uncausedryan in game, or add me Ashkatja#1513

Incoming edit soon, as soon as I get the website up and the app forum operational.

***** As promised, here are the naked chicks******
Hey I'm looking to transfer my hunter over. Any room?
Unfortunately probably not for a hunter, Alca. We have a very good hunter as a main raider and a good back up.

Thanks a lot for the interest and bump though, best of luck to you.
Thanks for the bump, Xilit!!

as I casually sneak in another one.
I was here.
oh hai guys!
I was promised a pony
I said a bump, baby bump. A bump bump, baby bump.
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I took a nap today.
I wasn't a useless piece of !@#$ today.
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I wasn't a useless piece of !@#$ today.

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Do you offer free cake and snacks in raid??
If you don't then why the bloody hell not!?!?!?!

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