[A] Duct Tape 10/16H Recruiting for 10m

Duct Tape is a 10m guild new to the server and we're looking to recruit backups for many roles as well as have immediate openings for a healer and a dps (tonight). Must have heroic experience and a minimum equipped item level of 490. Please contact either myself Zulapally or Katrinc in-game if interested. If no one is available, in-game mail would be sufficient or you can put an application up at Duct-tape.enjin.com (please ignore the fact that we haven't had a chance to update it yet :P).
Raid times are 10-1 AM EST Tues - Thurs, Sunday.
Our core group has been together for 5 years. We're looking to fill a full-time dps and/or healer position, this is not a benchwarmer spot!! No app needed, contact us in game for a vent interview.

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