When does survivablitly improve

My lock is about lvl 25 I think and I know that is mega low lvl and I'm queing with mostly idiots in Random bg's .. But it seems like I have a big arrow above my head saying free kill. When does my ability to stay a live long enough to actually do damage happen. Do not get me wrong I love the lock so far back a day or so ago I actually had a awesome group 3 healers and everyone knew what to do and when. I was top dps and killing blows. Its just most of the time I rez more than damage. I'm destruction at the moment.
It's not that your lock doesn't have survivability it's probably your gear and what lvl your are.

First take a good look at your gear, you should be in mostly blues close to your lvl or BOA's. Because the people your going up against usually have full BOA gear with enchants and if your just pushing green gear they can tell (Mostly by seeing you health). When I do a bg and see someone with low hp I know their gear sucks which means a very easy kill.

Next is your lvl, b/c bg's go by every 5 lvl ( example: 20-24 and 25-29) you will stay in those brackets. So if you just had a bg at lvl 25 you will face ppl that are usually lvl 27-29. So when they come running at you and see you big green lvl 25 and low hp above your head it is just screaming KILL ME PLZ.

So a good rule of thumb is not to bg during the lower part of the bracket (20-22 or 25- 27) unless you have pretty good gear.
No clue
Warlocks are probably the worst low level pvp class. They lack any real survivability and a lot of it does scale with level capped pvp gear. Warlocks are very hard to kill at 90 when they have full gear, with their self heals, fears, stuns, bubble, etc. None of which you have at level 25, and even at my level (64) warlocks blow chunks in pvp. Some classes are a pretty good fight, rogues and warriors are fun and usually a pretty even match-up. Hunters eat me in seconds, I had a red pet ALONE drop me in under 10 seconds, and I popped everything I had (healthstone, bubble, heal, etc.) This is by no means how things go at 90 when you have good resilience.

My advice, if you enjoy the class and its mechanics, stick with it. They are pvp tanks at 90.

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