hello. im lookin for a progressive late night raiding guild. vanilla player and skilled. quit after WotLK and returned for MoP. i am interested in getting serious about raiding again. and my work schedule only allows me to be committed to raid after 9PM, which makes it difficult for me to find great raiding guilds in my server. so i am venturing out into other realms to see the possibilities. heres a lil bit of the FoS i was able to attain in the past to show my dedication http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Fredstar/achievement#81:a2187

unfortunately, i'm only iLvl 481 Elemental MS/PvP Resto OS, due to having to level 1-90 during the opening of MoP as a Mage, then deciding i really wanted to play a shaman again.. so i leveled this toon. it caused me to join in a lil late, but i am ready for 5.2. i have a great understanding of the mechanics of the game. BattleTag:FreddyFresh#1346

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