Spell color

If you could change the color of your holy spells, what would you want. Lightly blue tint, maybe something brighter and blinding? Speak your voice!
More golden light. Some people around me still have working retinas.
Probably the blue of the main part of my transmog.

Like the Darkmoon Trinkets used to do to us before they were "fixed" with their procs.
White or Silverish. Something to differentiate between healing from Priests. <_<
Let me roll Night Elf

Give me Silver (Moon) Light.
Dark blue-ish.

To match my 'mog
blizzard should make faction glyphs light/dark blue for ally and red for horde
Blacker than the blackest black times infinity.
Could we do like the warlocks and have our own quest line? that would be cool. As far as color dont know blue sounds nice.
May be.....red?
Mine need to be red, 'cause if I have to use one while tanking, I get PMS-mad.

Edit: I also require screaming claxtons and raid warnings, like /rw BRYNANNA IS ABOUT TO GO NUCLEAR! TAKE COVER!
Imo blood elfs should have blood light spells
Since I'm trying for the 'dark pally' look with the T2 reskin I'm farming, purply-black sha-like would be nice. Failing that, you know the light blue colour of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber before it was digitally remastered?
Bright pink, or purple I would also accept purple.
Guild Wars 2 Guardian blue.

I'd want the ability to toggle it, though. I'd change it with my transmog.
I wish spell color was racial. I'd like something a little more draenic. Purple for instance.

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