[H-RP] <Randmash Legion>

Wyrmrest Accord
Dugrak sits in the Wyvern's Tail in the early hours of the morning, tapping a crude pen on the table. He stares down at the blank page set out in front of him.

"Always hated this part." he thought to himself. He'd quickly scrawl something across the page with a furrowed brow.

The <Randmash Legion> seeks brave sons and daughters of the Horde to clear the skies of the Alliance!

Contact Warlord Dugrak Razormaw for information on how to help the war effort!

"Mm... Good enough." he'd quickly roll up the page and make his way out into Orgrimmar.

- - -

The Randmash Legion is a relatively new guild, based around aerial combat. This means in the hopefully near future we will concentrate on PvPing, and breathing life into world PvP and cross-faction RPPvP. But for any of that to be accomplished, we need Hordies like YOU!

If any of this seems like it'd tickle your fancy, feel free to check out randmashlegion.shivtr.com for more info, and to apply!
Will your Pandaren members be anything like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zVVKXT8Vi0
A fistbump for a worthy opponent!
Randmash Legion, same great taste, because we only started a week ago.
I'm so bad at bumping.
We have a new Dragonmaw Orc member.

You know what that is?

Bein' Progressive.
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*ninjas in, bumps a table over, ninjas out* *bump*
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