Hodir Chest Bug

Bug Report
On the 1st of Feburary 2013 around 4pm server time, a group of 5, Mélîssa, Fatmiké, Katraná, Oshal and Deadlycute killed Hodir in Ulduar 10 man for trasnmog gear and both of his chests were not clickable by all 5 members of the group. This is the first time we have seen this bug.
This very same bug reoccurred for me right of this moment.
1:52AM MST
Was just me in there, boss died in ~71 seconds, turned green when he was finished and then ported to the center area as normal, but both chests remain unable to open.

Same problem occurred for myself and two others. We killed the boss very quickly within 1-2 minutes and both chests are bugged out. No one can loot them. GG Blizz.
Bug still is in effect. Killed him 10 minutes ago and the chest are still not clickable.
I killed him on 25, within the 3 minutes. Neither of his chests were targetable for me or my alt I was running.
I wish this bug would get fixed =/ I've killed him three times; one out of two I was able to loot the chest...the only time I was able to I did not get the item I was aiming for...other two times they were bugged.... @_@
Bump. Chest no lootable. Bug still exist.

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