WTB Mystic Sarong

The title says it all. I've hit up all four vendors since Mists came out, and it's been a no go. I'd like these for a transmog set on my druid, but they just don't seem to be popping up. And they aren't turning up on the auction house, so clearly whoever is buying them when they do pop up is either using them or aren't from our server...

*grumble*cross realm zones*grumble*

If you come across these and are willing to part with them, please contact me in game. If I'm not on this character, whisper someone in Heart of Redemption - they probably know which alt I'm on.
Hey Calli!

When you go to each vendor, make sure to change the drop down menu at the top right of the window to "All". I have been trying to get this for MONTHS on my druid and didn't think I needed to change it from "Druid" to "All" since druids wear leather - no luck. Changed it to "All" tonight and found it immediately on Kris Legace.

Good luck! :D

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