Chen's Masterpiece

I'm trying to complete Rally the Valley but I'm stuck at Chen's Masterpiece and Stormstout Brewery.. I can't pick up any more quests and Chen's just standing on Halfhill and I can't talk to him or anything. I'm 99% sure I completed the Hops, Grain and Water parts of the quest line D:
You have more then likely missed a quest somewhere along the way I sugest u go over all spots that uve had quests with chan or li li even a lil insignifcant quest is important.
You might want to download the addons Wholly and Grail. Together they should be able to tell you what quests you have not done and where the quest givers are.
It's always best to post these requests on the toon that is trying to do the achieve. But here's a suggestion from WoWhead:

Go the the Imperial Granary in the valley and LiLi will be waiting there for you with a quest to collect grains. This is where I got stuck as well because for some reason there is nothing that mentions this quest except for one time when Chen talks about what he needs. And there is also no marker on the map pointing to the questgiver. I had to backtrack my quests on wowhead to figure this out. But as soon as I finished the grain quest it instantly leads to completing Chen's Masterpiece and then leads you to Stormstout Brewery.
I ran into a brick wall for the Achievement for the valley of the four winds, after much searching I found that to get to the last two Chen's Masterpiece and The Stormstout Brewery you have to do Farmer Fran.

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