Morning Raid Guild <Exiled Crusaders> HMS!

<Exiled Crusaders> is a morning raid guild formed by myself and a buddy. We both have 2/16hm experience and are looking for like minded raiders to have fun and kill some bosses.

Raid times will be 9am-12pm server, Mon-Tues-Wed. Yes on patch days we have a day off of raiding!

Since we're just forming up, we will need pretty much a whole raid team, minus a healer and a dps. Feel free to post here and I'll get back to you, or in game, SuAsyde#1263 with any questions. Thank you for your time.
Bumpity bump looking for morning raiders!
Any luck recruiting?

I'm a 491 ilvl Frost DK DPS looking for a new morning raiding guild.
I'm currently on Burning Legion, but looking to server transfer anyways.
I am 11/16 currently, but am being held back by attendance problems in my current guild.
I'm a responsible and determined raider, looking to push progression in 5.2
Hit me up in game (Mervby#1528) or on this post for more info!
Hey guys im for sure Looking for those raid times! i was just talking about looking for one on these days with these times =D im currently only 481 ilvl prot war on burning legion. Lemme know! ima check this thred often.
yo add me in game sheetrokz#1669

i got my self and a dk tank and ele/resto buddy lf morning raid times
i got a 475 frost mage if interested.

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