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Hey guys, not sure if this is the right forum but,

been using heal bot lately and i can't get the tanks to be placed in top left hand corner like i used to back in wrath.

Anyone know how to do this?

*N.B. Yes i know grid is better, but i learned healbot back in BC and this is an alt*

Cheers and beers
Happy Hunting
Open up the Options, go into the skins menu, Healing tab.

If you want them under a separate subgroup tick the Main Tanks option, otherwise click on the Sort tab down near the bottom and switch Main sort to Group and Subsort to Role.
how do you get healbot to have the MT in the right hand corner? was alwasy there but the latest version reset things and now its from left to right pets group and tanks...I need it to be Pets group and tanks

thanks in advance
After looking for a few hours and fiddling the answer is to

go to skins/general and change the anchors to left or right depending on where you want it (frame and bars)

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