Heroic Experience Raider LF Guild for 90

I recently started playing again, and started to play on a new realm. I am looking for a guild that raids on the weekends mainly. I do have a job, so that obviously comes before the game. I am looking for a guild that understands that, and will not excommunicate me if I have to work on a raid night. I have decent raiding experience. I have raided all raids from Karazhan to Dragon Soul while they were relevant content. I have some heroic experience with some bosses throughout my raiding career. I am an experienced healer as well as dps. I was the main healer for my 25 man guild in WotLK, and main healer for my 10 man guild in Cata on a paladin.
Hi, best of luck finding a group. The worst thing is that your job may interfere with your raid times, and most raid teams don't want that. :/, if it wasn't for that I might've had a spot for you with our second raiding team.

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