Your Time Has Come?

So, I just recently came back to the game and I wanted to work on some Cata things before moving on to MoP. My husband's DK can solo most of Firelands, so I tried starting the Legendary Quest up with Him...
"Your Time Has Come"
Is suppose to be the starting part, where you kill the Molten Giant. We've killed about 12 of these and can't seem to get the Quest to trigger.
I guess this quest is bugged? I tried filing a ticket...
Still have not heard anything and GM or Guide responded with, "Is working as intended"

Though I have read on WoWHead that someone had a different GM response in the form of "It's a known issue that should be corrected in 5.2"

If true, then I can simply wait 2-3 more weeks with no issues. But, if that's not the case and the problem still persists, I may be a a sad Warlock :(

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