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hopefully in and then for the foreseeable future, at least.

I am becoming increasingly inactive but still possess a fair sum of gold and I would like to share my wealth with the world (realm) all the while having fun! (Note that members of the Horde may still receive the 2,000g if they are victorious in an event, but it would be reduced to 1,700g due to the 15% the Neutral Auction House takes from each successful bid, which is how I would give you the money. Also, some events may be limited to Alliance simply for simplicity's sake.)

So this thread is, for now, intended as a collaborative effort to procreate ideas as to how I will give away this money, here is a list about what ideas I have:
  • Lv. 1 Race from A to B (location to be determined)
  • 1v1 Dueling Tournament using only gray items (or none at all).
  • Massive Melee Ontop of a Floating Island in Outland Where the Last Man Standing Wins (this one I feel might be a bit iffy because how easily affected it can be by third parties
  • Aerial Target Diving (essentially carrying people over a zone and they have to jump off at their discretion and try to land on a certain target).
  • and perhaps we would have a bunch of lowbies running through the Dun Morgh cave (an intricate, lowbie cave) trying to find a person who will be hiding in there... all the while being hunted
  • Depending on what kind of feedback this idea gets I'll add/remove ideas, clearly state rules and requirements, and officially create an event date for the first giveaway!
    Just give me the damn gold...
    02/02/2013 07:54 PMPosted by Bronkk
    Just give me the damn gold...
    But that's too easy! Sure I could just randomly pick out one person every week and give them gold but did they really earn it...?

    Besides, I still have to have fun too, you know. =P
    You could be a sponsor, think of it as a make a wish type deal... You could fund my ability to get the darkmoon card healing trinket, maybe even a piece of gear or two! My guild needs heals so I switched specs, but my gear is rubbish. So... You can be my benefactor!

    Yea. Good idea is good.
    Sounds like great fun; it's nice of you to try to come up with something creative for people to do.
    Currently I am planning on waiting about a week to see how well this is received. This means that if you want this to happen then post on here to make known unto me your support, and tell your friends to post on here to make it happen because I do not intend to hold contests where I have to recruit in trade for half an hour when I am simply giving away the gold, literally begging people to take my money.

    If this is to happen there needs to be a sufficient player base. A set minimum, I would say, is 15 people because the first challenge I would want to do is the level 1 race.
    This here post needs to be bumped, often. It's a really cool idea and I agree with the lack of fun of needing to beg in trade for people to come skeeze money just because they happened to be sitting in town and see some post saying "free 2k come play this event!" getting trolled by mad jelly folk and everyone else just going "You can give ME 2k! :D" ... "Oh, participate in a contest for it? Ain't nobody got time for that!"
    Hey, that sounds fun. I'm in the process of setting up a reroll guild on ED so I'd definitely like to participate to help fund a guild bank.

    Real ID me at OmgitsBK#1557 so I know when you're running these events! :)
    I swear to all that is holy, Smar, if you don't give that gold to our GBank I'm going to find you. All your gold seems to cover those Tranq wipes.

    Might I interest you in some Moonglow stocks?

    We are a very promising fresh upstar company!
    I swear to all that is holy, Smar, if you don't give that gold to our GBank I'm going to find you. All your gold seems to cover those Tranq wipes.

    You wrong me! You imply there was more than one, lol.

    Also, thanks to everyone for the growing support. I plan to have at least one event now sometime next week but will not be updating this thread with the information pertaining to that. I will bump this thread continuously and then provide a link to the new thread that I will make for the events.

    But please, I still need more ideas! Also making known your support for this is great, but if you really do want to support this then let others know about it because an increase in participation will make more likely for this event to last more than one outing... and perhaps if the crowd that shows is large enough then I'll make the prize a tad bit more enticing...

    Again, thank you all! =D
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