[A] Holy Pally Looking for...


I have unsubbed and will be taking a break when the subscription runs out.
Updated personal thread to avoid multiple threads.
Updated needs.
Updated. Post or get with me in game if you are interested.
Do you have logs on your heals? We are looking for a holy pally.
I appreciate the reply, but being honest with myself, I wouldn't be a fit for your needs.

Looks as if the guilds that I'd fit in with are full. RL and fill-ins can be a pain sometimes. Seems like every time I replace someone, I have a situation myself.
I am no longer pursuing a guild as I have cancelled my subscription. I will be taking a break away from the game when my subscription expires.

Thanks to everyone who took a peek into the thread, and to those who gave me opportunities in game.

When I return, if I plan to get back into any thing semi-serious, it will be off the server. Please consider this thread dead.

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