[A] <Victoria Vel Nex> 10 Man Raiding Guild

<Victoria Vel Nex> is a 10 man raiding guild and we are currently recruiting more raiders to fill our roster! We are a group of skilled players who have recently transferred to Sargeras after taking a break from the game. We are now trying to put a raid group back together.

Looking for:
-1 Range DPS

Raid Times (CST):
- Friday 5pm to 8pm
- Saturday 4pm to 8pm

If you are interested in applying or have any questions you can contact me in game or leave a comment in this thread.
Updated what roles are currently available.
do you have a ilvl req?
We are looking for people who are 490+
Hey im loking into possibly applying i find myself in need of a new home .any room for a main raiding spot for me. if there is potential i will certainly post an app.

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