(H) LF Relaxed family like guild

Hello, I just transferred to this server a few days ago and am waiting for a friend to reach 80 to level with. In the meantime I've been looking for a casual, friendly, active guild to do heroics, and eventual laid back 10 man, possibly 25 man raiding in the future. A lot of things have changed since I've played, so leniency towards my ignorance is appreciated. :P I'm mostly on in the evenings server time, reply or whisper in game if interested or for more info. Thanks.
I know you're looking for a guild on the horde side but, I wanted to tell you about the guild I'm inon the alliance side. The Dark Guardians is a small, friendly, family guild that has just started expanding our ranks. We love to run scenarios, dungeons(normal and herioc) and started to run raids as well(co-op with another guild). We are by no means a serious raiding guild, WOW is a game and we try to keep that mentalilty throughout our game play. So if you are interested please look for Bromforge( that's me), Starletta, Camari or Krugg.

Here is our website, please take a look at it: http://darkguardians.guildlaunch.com

Hope you give us a chance, but if not...good luck in your search
Hi Goonzy,

Welcome to Garrosh! I hope you're finding the server enjoyable so far :) I am the leader of a guild called Emerald Dawn. We are a casual, family-friendly group of players. We currently raid twice per week, on Friday and Saturday nights. We don't actively recruit, but your post piqued my interest as you sound like a good fit.

If you have any questions about us, please feel free to contact me or anybody that's online in-game. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Welcome to the server, hope you're enjoying your stay, and if you're still looking for a guild, we at tempered verdict are a social/casual type of guild which like to chat and work on achievements.
We got people that do heroics and arenas/pvp but no pandaran raids or rbgs as of yet. if you would like more info feel free to message someone from the guild.

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