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So, as the title does state. I'm looking for another guild. Unfortunate circumstances have called for me to leave this one. (No, I didn't kill anyone, but as this guild isn't my own, I can't nor will not give away information that is not mine to give.)

I won't lie. This not my main. My main is an Officer in another guild, but this toon will be played and leveled. He will be and is just about my only means of Vacation from my other toons and the story involved in almost all of them. So, hopefully you can see why it's so important to find him a home away from what My main is doing.

However, none the less.

I'd like to find a guild aligned or dealing specifically with Paladins (As I won't lie my BK lore is a bit rusty) and/or a House guild.

Now, some things you may wanna know bout Ammaelin before you jump in.

He was stuck in both Outlands and Northrend for YEARS. In fact, he his stay in Northrend was rather extended as he was in the mop up detail that stuck around to try and help clear out some of the remaining Scourge after Arthas/LK got put down.

So, with this in mind. The man has a hatred for Demons, Warlocks (The demon summoning kind, Shadow is iffy but fire is ok as in essence it's basically a fire mage.) and Undead, including Forsaken and DKs.

Now, is this a bit archaic, yes. But Ammaelin has his reasons for these things and for the record. Just because the Argent Crusade supported DK's and had no issues with it. Does not mean all the members had to be forced to like the idea. They simply had to follow orders, which Ammaelin did under alot of protest.

Beyond this, the man follows his commands fiercely and if he swears an oath, he will stick to it to the utmost of his abilities.
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We'd love to have you. ;)
Well, I would be all for that. But unfortunately I don't have the moolah to make a Faction Change. =/

But thank you for the offer none the less. :)
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