Of Ret, RNG, and Divine Purpose

02/04/2013 01:04 PMPosted by Paladinchaz
Thats the issue with DP.

Again, if it's baseline it wouldn't mean we'd be sacrificing anything for it, it would only help, to say against it because they don't want to force rng on us is idiotic.
That is the point, and what he said right before the line you quoted. If they gave DP baseline and put in a new talent in that place, they would have to rebalance our dps around it because our dps is pretty much where they want it.

How many times has ret dps been rebalanced in a mid-expansion patch and had it come out in our favor? I'll give you a meat grinder to play with and then you can count those number of times on that hand.
Imo, DP isnt the best way to buff our dps.

I would prefer a simple tweaking of the dmg our abilities do. By that i mean shift some of or burst dmg to our sustained.

I would be more than happy if our burst did 10% less dmg but our dmg outside of cds went up 10%.

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