Trying to find an old friend

Wyrmrest Accord
Hey, recently I was taking a little trip down nostalgia lane and decided to check the armory of a few old friends of mine from when I first came to Sisters of Elune. One of them I found was still active (recent account wide achievements and pet battles) but I can't find a way to get in touch with him. Jinashimaru, are you out there?

I know he rerolled on WRA last time I saw him, so I crossposted this here.


If you are and want to add me to Battletag it's Muireanne#1528.
Hmm.. In that case I want to look for someone too! A Night Elf called Velora, idk if she re-rolled or something.. but my time at "Duskwood Militia" was the best RP ever!
Stealthy bump.

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