[A]<Eximos> 16/16N LF Spriest/Lock!

<Eximos> is now recruiting for the main 25M roaster. All players are welcomed and exceptional players will be promoted to raid with us in the future!

We are a semi-causal raiding guild that aims to enjoy the game and have fun through raiding! (Although we may be more serious than you think!)


We are currently looking for:
Priest (Shadow)

All raiders are required to know their own class and can improve their performance by looking through either World of Logs or Livestream Vods if asked to do so. We also encourage players who does not have TWO maxed out primary professions to do so ASAP as they do provide a considerable stats bonus.

P.S. 1) Although not required, but if you don't have a mic, pleassseeeee go get one!
2) If you are a really shy person, please at least be able to call out some important buff/debuffs on you! (I know we have a bunch of !@#-holes in our guild. But hey, that's what the mute option is for!)

Raid Times:
25M (Required)
5:30 - 9:30 PST (Same as server time.)

10M (Optional)
Friday - Monday (Pretty much the rest of the week -.-!)
Could happen anytime! (Preferably when "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!" :D)

Aside from the required 25M group, we will run lots of 10Ms through the rest of the week. Some of them will be Heroics Progression and others will be Alt-runs that gear under-geared players. We are even thinking about starting a RBG group to cap conquest!


Current Progression and Future Goals:
Normal Modes:
Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6
Heart of Fear: 6/6
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4

Heroics Modes:
Sadly, we don't have any, YET!

Our goal right now is to progress into Heroics Raids and gear up raiders into the main roaster to an ilvl of 495 or higher before 5.2. That way we can move straight into Thunderking raids instead of wait for LFR gear. Those never drops :(


Loot Rules:
We are currently using the Loot Council to distribute gear. We find the LC system works exceptionally fast and efficient during the last few month of a Tier expansion. Some of the factors the loot council will consider when assigning a piece of gear will be:
-The level of upgrade the players will get. (495 ilvl upgrade vs. 7ilvl upgrade)
-The rank of the players. (Raiders > Applicants, Obviously)
-Best in Slot
We will be doing no off-spec because we are making Raiders free 496 gear. (With some exceptions, such as if you pay me! muhahahaha!)

Don't like the LC system? No worries, we will be moving into a more strict yet fair DKP system in the upcoming 5.2 patch! We are also trying to set up a guild website before 5.2. (TO SHARE ADULT STUFF!!!)


If you are interested in joining Eximos, Please contact one of the class officers in game!
Death Knight - Vulcus
Druid - Chocoboss
Hunter - Radrussían (Watch out for that stupid "í" in his name)
Mage - Positive
Monk - Opelwerk
Paladin - TBD
Priest - TBD
Rogue - Shiraha
Shaman - TBD
Warlock - Voxcide
Warrior - Ahkilles

If your class doesn't have a class lead, feel free to whisper the other officers or just leave a comment below. YOU may even become a class officer in the future! Apply NOW!
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Self Bump!
Dem locks
Bump, Also looking for ranged dps(480+) ilvl, druid healer, pally heals pst me in game!
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Prior to 5.2 - 2/16 Heroic
First week of 5.2 - 4/16

Ranged DPS to include warlocks, hunters, spriests.
Melee DPS to include DPS Arms warrior, enhancement shaman, feral druid, retribution paladin.
Guardian druids, brewmaster monks, protection warrior.

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