Seeking Stable Guild For My Toons

Hai Thrall,

I am currently seeking an established, stable guild for my toons. After creating several server scouting toons, I believe Thrall is a great fit. I have been playing since BC on Rexxar, but w/ the the following xpacs, the server has sadly died a slow death. When I created a Thrall scout toon, it was heartening to see so many players ingame. I am going to be honest in saying, when coming from a dead server, my raiding experience has been limited because of that. The guild which I came from had gotten normal MSV 4/6 and HoF 1/6. I take WoW very seriously and don't believe in guild hopping. I realize this may put some ppl off, however, this is the way I am and need to be up front about it. I don't believe in trolling trade, since this reflects on the guild's rep. I am not a casual player, as I play 6-16 hrs a day, depending upon the guild's activity. My schedule is completely open and am free to play at any time. I have an ilvl 490 boomkin, Ankhh and an ilvl 489 aff lock which I raided on w/ my last guild. Both Ankhh and Peeke have transferred to this server and look forward to seeing you ingame. I plan to transfer my remaining toons here soon.
Hi there! Catch me in game and we'll chat (/who the guild and ask for me if I'm not on Solara). Welcome to Thrall, I hope you'll like it here!
Draconic Order is currently looking for a dedicated raider for a core dps spot. We just recently Transferred here ourselves due to some of the issues that you have stated above. Battle ID is Bruise@1748 Raid Schedule is Tues, Weds & Thurs 9pm-1130pm est
the scilent circle weekend raiding team is currently looking for dedacated raiders for it weekend raid team.. raid times are 700pm-1130pm server fri sat and sunday if interest in the position please wisper me in game

Thanks for your kind replies. I have found a wonderful home w/ Saurfang, and am truly happy that Thrall has lived up to my expectations. Everyone on this server has been wonderful, and I wish to say....its great being here!!
Hi :)

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