LF Challenge Dungeon Gold: Guild Edition

I am looking for a Guild that has completed the "Challenge Conquerors : Gold - Guild Edition".

My purpose:

I want to buy the pet that is available after a guild completes the ach.

Thundering Serpent Hatchling.

I will create a Char on any realm and any faction and will do everything on my own as far as Guild rep and coming up with the gold to purchase the pet.

I just need a willing guild that would invite a lvl 1 char into thier guild and not kick me before i am able to obtain the pet.

Save the hate replies, i wont respond to them.
Just a friendly shout out for a small favor.
Stage Clear on Kil'jaden might still be taking people in for the pet.
I am also looking for a guild that has this pet unlocked. Any guilds on stormrage or silver hand have this achievement completed? Would appreciate it. Thanks ahead of time.

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