[A] Rainbow Chaos lf more for 10m raiding

Rainbow Chaos is a casual, 18+ LGBTQ-friendly guild looking for more players to fill out our 10-man raid group.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM server time, and are progressing through ToES.

Currently, we are in need of:

2 RANGED dps (Warlock or mage, and Elemental shaman HEAVILY preferred)
1 heals (non-disc priest or druid) with DPS off-spec

While we are casual, we would like people who are willing to commit to a raid group. We understand that real life comes first, but we need players who can and are willing to consistently show up to raids so we can kill some bosses and get some shinies.

No experience is required to run with us, as long as you're not a jerk. Experience and gear can be upgraded. Attitudes cannot. We're more than willing to teach new players and ease them into the experience.

If you:

Can't take criticism
Don't like listening to orders
Refuse to download vent
Want a hardcore raid group
Are impatient with new players
Stand in the stupid because moving will hurt your dps

... keep moving. This is definitely not the guild for you.

Still with me? Awesome.

I'd like to think of us as a friendly group with a lot to offer, so if you're still interested or have any questions, you can catch me in-game or fire the question at me here. Also, feel free to add me on bnet if you'd prefer that (or if I'm lurking on an alt): zim#1851

We're also open for non-raiding if you'd rather just have a place full of friendlies to park yourself. You can hit me up about that too.
Full up on ze deeps.

You know you want to heal us or take blows to the face for us.
Or maybe not full on ze deeps, because real life is a cruel mistress.
Still need tank/dps
02/04/2013 08:32 PMPosted by Bumi
Don't think everything is a hunter weapon

Dem shields, yo.
02/22/2013 04:47 PMPosted by Demichelis
Don't think everything is a hunter weapon

Dem shields, yo.

I tape the shield to my pet and together we tank everything.
Ranged dps por favor!
Looking now for a player to come and take boss hits to the face to assist in retrieving shinies from their bodies.
Need dps and heals.
Need a ranged DPS to fill out our group. Would REALLY like an elemental shaman, but a boomkin or make would be alright too.

Seriously, though, an ele shaman would make us super happy.
Come party with us, shamans. Let me hug your totems.

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