Returning to WoW from SWTOR

And I am deciding which server to level my toons on. I have L80s in Coilfang but seeing as the population of that server is low, i'd rather not level up there. I have another L80 mage on a Medium population server but it is in an oceanic server. I play mostly at PST and am thinking of Darkspear is a good server with a healthy PVE POPULATION / GUILDS. On this server I have a L71 Dwarf Priest followed by a 52 Druid. Any tips?

Horrible raid progression for a server of this size.
Regular server crashes where Darkspear is the ONLY SERVER IN THE US that crashes.

Id look somewhere else.
^ true, we get atleast 1 crash per week
you might wanna go to kil'jaeden

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