@ Everyone who feels the need to report me...

Wyrmrest Accord
For buying Spectral Tigers, stop wasting your time and Blizzards time.

I'm not breaking any rules by spending my in-game gold on in-game mounts.

Just because I have gold and I'm a Pandaren, doesn't mean I'm a "chinese gold farmer".
Ummm wat?
Been buying Spectral Tigers in trade to give out to friends as gifts since I'm running out of things to buy with gold.

Pretty much everytime I post my ad, I get lots of whispers accusing me of being a gold seller, hacker and all that BS. Same thing happens in trade.

It's frustrating.
Wanna be friends?
02/04/2013 11:34 PMPosted by Rai
Wanna be friends?
Can we skip the friend part and get right to free gold?
To be fair, it does look a little suspicious out of hand.
02/05/2013 12:51 AMPosted by Raisheal
To be fair, it does look a little suspicious out of hand.

That and some people can't understand or seem to grasp the fact that there are players out there that have the patience/skills to get max gold on their character or their personal alt-guild bank's coffer.

If it's the same people bothering you each time, ignore and report them for harassment. Otherwise keep on' trucking, they may call you a gold farmer, hacker, whatever, but in the end someones going to legitimately have a card for sell and tackle you for being a buyer.

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