Calling GFX Artists! <3

Local Sargarian here in need of some halp!

I've been streaming off/on over the past few months,
and I'm really enjoying it! Sitting back, chatting with viewers while listening
to various genres of music is very entertaining:)

Onto the meaning of this thread,
I'm in need of some GFX work for my Twitch Channel.
I'm also thinking of getting into the YT scene with Various class
BG/Arena Montages and such (just as soon as I figure out Sony Vegas D:).

If you're willing to help me out with some basic work - please add me on battletag.
Fuzed#1672 or on skype "Fuzed." <- Don't forget the period in my name!!
Might provide some compensation in various forms of your choosing, so just hit me up!

Thanks Guys&&Gals
/ \

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