why do (you) play a warrior?

i play a warrior because it was the first class i made when i joined wow diddnt have a clue what i was doing =D. but over time i learned the game and warrior is byfar the most fun class i have played and glad its my first toon.
My first toon was a pally that I didn't know what to do with. My second was a rogue and he sucked it. My third was this warrior, we sucked all through wrath and cata, but we dont suck quite so much anymore (no matter how the nerfs pile up) Also me like hit things with big weapon.
Always have, always will. Every game I play/try I pick the "Warrior" class. Ooh Rah!
I've always played the warrior/fighter on other MMO's and single player RPG's, so it was a natural thing. In addition, after learning Charge and hearing that "whooosh" sound at level 3 I just couldn't play other classes with the same degree of enjoyment. =D
Once I played a warrior, everything else seemed dull and boring.

Charge/leap/intervene, lots of blood, yelling, executions. I mean c'mon.. how much better does it get?
It was my first class and I love it too much. I can never switch now, nor will I.

Charge FTW.
I always play warrior in every game that allows class choice. So in WoW I played everything but warrior to try and find something new but didn't enjoy it. I ended up leveling this warrior and sticking to it. I just like the warrior style of play.
I play a warrior because it was the only adventurer I could image from medieval times... and growing up with watching Tails of the crypt keeper, Red wall, Robin Hood, Hercules and a variety of other fantasy shows/Cartoons. Left me with always remembering the Suit of armor and Coat of Arms.... Later playing games like Zelda and Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Soul Caliber, also had appeal to me which was in your face melee/ 3rd person view, RT Action.

I love melee, Plate armor, Shields, Swords, Axes, and Hammers, its an amazing forum of combat.

and when your families Coat of Arms Looks this bad !@#.


You better believe I like melee.
Yeah I'm the same as the above two posts. I always play the heavy melee archetype in RPGs, and Paladins just seemed lame in comparison to the badass Warrior.
02/20/2013 04:47 AMPosted by Battlehax
Always have, always will. Every game I play/try I pick the "Warrior" class. Ooh Rah!

Same thing goes for me, I love melee class.
Fast paced in your grill face smashin action. Check
Very active/reactive skills. Check
A resource named Rage. Check
A stance named Berserker. Chek
Swinging large 2 hand axes. Check
Get to wear plate. Check
Charge and Leap. Check

Melee classes have always been appealing to me.
no magic, no goofy pet, no cowardly stealth, just skill with a sword
02/20/2013 01:07 PMPosted by Dish
no magic, no goofy pet, no cowardly stealth, just skill with a sword

This, except in my case a shield.

It seemed the most traditional "Tank" to me. Tanking in my favorite role to play (Best offense is a strong defense and all that), and the Warrior did not use spells, didn't call on supernatural powers, and doesn't rely on other-wordly speed, agility, or shapeshifting. Just a man (or Dwarf) who crafts his armor and his weapon and protects those weaker than him/herself.
I play a warrior because I love the option to Tank, and the mobility a warrior gives is amazing. You can gear up and have more health or damage but to be able to ping pong 6 times across a room only to start having all those mobility spells off CD is amazing. I also love the old Tiers, and if a new one comes out im Meh about, transmog FTW. And when its good Titans Grip is <3
Before I played WoW I played a various amount of other MMORPGs (Runescape, Conqueror Online, Ragnarok Onlie, ect.). Two of my friends, both female, said I should give WoW a shot. I said no way, I don't have the money for that ect.

Eventually they convinced my twin brother to give it a shot. He bolts into my room and says, "DUDE YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!" I shooed him away but like a fly he kept pestering me.

He finally convinced me when he said, classes use different resources. I was baffeled. At that point in time I had believed that it was kinda silly in all other games that a melee class used the same resource as a caster. I said, "Ok I'll give it a shot."

Rolled my Warrior and fell in love with Rage, Charge, and the class as a whole.

Why do I still play my warrior? Well here's a couple of reasons.

  • Generally awesome looking tier sets (I think 5.0 and 5.2 are the first Tier's I couldn't stand looking out besides 2.5)
  • Charge.
  • Never forced to Heal.
  • Wielding Two-Handed Weapons
  • Charge
  • I'm awesome at Arms PVE.
  • It fits my personality.

    And its cheaper than therapy.
    Charge is my favorite move in the game, and I just love the playstyle. I don't like running away.
    I played a dk for a while. One winter evening I happened to watch 300, Troy and Gladiator, the following morning awakening to realizing I hadn't shaved in a month and my man meat looked massive in the mirror. I immediately went and leveled up my warrior.
    I have this odd thing where I really want to hate warriors and love magic classes, but melee always ends up being a ton more fun. Sorry I'm posting on my pally instead of my new Warrior lol, the armory screwed up.

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