Arctic Fox Kit ): ): ):

It is like NEVERRR ever snow storming in Storm Peaks, like ever. Is it completely random or is there some kind of pattern in the snow storms? This is the last pet I'm missing, other than the summer only pet. ):

I have a level 85 logged out there & check it every day & at random times during the day & it's like super disappointing. haha.

When did you get your Arctic Fox Kit? Was there anything special about it or am I just super duper unlucky? ANND If it's snow storming on anyones server can you pleasepleaseplease add me to battle tag? I'll love you forever! Collette#1428
Am I just incredibly lucky because they few times I've been there I've seen nothing but those guys.

Sorry, Heartz.
Maybe you have an Alliance toon and we can get some CRZ action happening?
Yes, you are super lucky! lol or I'm just majorly unlucky. I'm jealous._. I justt faction changed my last alliance to horde too ): Poop. Thanks anyways though!! By any chance, do you recall around what times do you usually see the snow storm? Or is it always just different times?
Go to EVERY spawn point on the map on wowhead, I found a spot that it was snowing on the southern area of snowdrift plains, probably no bigger than 10 square yards, 2 kits were spawned. Blink and you miss them on your map flying over something that small
i gave up and just stoned mine, to much of a pain hoping for it. waiting for weather or night is very annoying.
Post your battletag here, if I find one I can add you and let you know, I see it every few days (helping guildies get them)
I just got this yesterday! Holyy bologna I've been trying for months & now after I post I get it. haha. Thanks so much everyone though you guys rock!(:

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