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I've been using to help gear out my toons. For affliction it's priority is hitcap>Haste breakpoint(4717 rating)>Mastery>Haste>Crit. However, I noticed someone saying it was better to get hit, then go straight for mastery? Can anyone clarify and/or explain?
You're usually better off just going mastery unless you can easily obtain a haste threshold without sacrificing too much haste. ~490 ilvl you should be at 4717 haste, ~500 ilvl you want to shoot for 6637 haste.
Well, I easily stay keep hit capped with the 4717 threshold. Sitting at.. 54.60% mastery that way.
It's not about being hit capped, it's about losing mastery. Mastery is a huge deal for Affliction. If all your gear is haste/mastery then you should be fine, but the general rule is about 490.
SHould I drop any hit/ haste reforges I have, then, and just do everything for mastery?
You should put 320 mastery gems in your yellow slots and your belt buckle.Hit/mastery in your blues. Enchant your weapon.

You gear has enough haste/mastery that you are fine going for 4717 even at 485 ilvl, although I would suggest trying to hit 15% closer (even a tad under if necessary) and haste as close to but at least 4717. You're losing out on a bit of potential mastery from that, plus you will get a lot from your gems. Should be fine.
Appreciate the help. Int/mast in red slots? Think I'm using those anyways. My weapons enchanted, not sure if it's not showing up for you, but I am missing the gem for it. Actually in the que right now for terrace to go get my chimera.
Oh. I posted another thread asking about trinkets, maybe you can help while you're here? I'm using domination point and darkmoon trinkets. Just won the trinket off elegon in LFR. Was wondering if I should keep with DM one, or switch it out for elegon's?
LFR Elegon is better than the Dom point one imo.
I guess the passive effect is kind of nice. I just liked another burst button. Switched gems out. At 15.03 hit. About a hundred over haste threshold, but at 60% mastery now. Thanks again.
You're not about burst in affliction though. It's better for Destro, but the procs happen a ton with Aff, it's better.
I didn't even try to get 6637 til very recently. It depends on your gear. Most of the gear that I had wasn't perfectly itemized for Affliction. If I had pure haste/mastery gear then yeah, I could hit it a little before, but if I tried for 6637 haste my mastery would've tanked unless I wanted to go back to 12% hit which I absolutely didn't.

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