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Something new started today when I tried to access my account info.

I was on the WoW forums and clicked the account link at the top of the page and my virus scanner went off claming it found a phishing site coming from the link.
Trying other parts of the battlenet site and run into the same problem when I click that account link at the top.
The web file itself is named en[1].htm and is trying to send it into my temporary internet files folder.
My scanner keeps blocking it and wont allow me to access it the account settings page.

Is this false positive or is something really wrong with the link?
It definitely sounds like a false positive. Something you might want to submit feedback about to your antivirus scanners company so they know to fix their error in their coding.
Just tried to accsess the account link on my other computers and they all ran into the same thing..
Any idea when this will be fixed, its getting kinda old clicking my V scanner warning window each time I log in from that location.

I already contacted the scanner support with no responce.

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