Resto druid and affliction lock 2v2

My friend and i just started running 2v2's for the first time and playing as this comp. Its our first time doing proper pvp as i use to be a raider back in the days where i played seriously so was wondering whether this comp is viable? I know my gear is kind of off as i only just hit 90 but i would also appreciate some tips in regards to tactics which we should implement.

Thanks for any help!
Anything is viable in 2v2.

Also, don't start arena til full dread.
cheers for the input
aff lock/resto druid can be very good in 2's, been playing it since bc....heres how to play it in MoP:

start off normal play trying to make the other team trinket....once trinkets r down and if u survived this long, land a cc on the off target, lock pop all cooldowns, druid heart of wild (MAKE SURE FULL HOTS R UP FIRST ON U OR THE LOCK) and switch to feral dps, and @%%@!*!@ the main target.

resto druids have INSANE burst if you know how to use heart of wild and use feral abilities while its up....just remember u might have to pop back into resto to reapply hots and go back into feral again....oh yea, and dont be afraid to save nature swiftness for an instant cyclone on the off target while the burst is going on if the lock can't blood fear

u will fight a lot of 2dps teams like hunter/warrior...its very important that u get use to using the locks portal through symbiosis to try and avoid their 1 shots in the beginning of the game

Good luck, and may MoP PvP not frustrate you too much

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