A few solutions for DK survivability

Death Knight
Make Lichborne baseline. That'll give DKs an opportunity to use Anti Magic Zone.

A drain ability that procs from dealing melee damage. The healing would accumulate in a buff (up to 8% of the DK's maximum health) and be received upon using Death Strike. While this wouldn't help as much with being kited, that's why Lichborne is baseline. Now you have AMZ for when you and your healer can't afford to be kited, in addition to Lichborne if things go awry.

Challenge mode: the drain ability additionally reduces all damage taken by up to 10%, depending on healing banked, and upon receiving the heal the reduction will reset back to 0% over 5 seconds. "Challenge mode" because it's 4:30 am. Go with it.

Maybe, the cumulative buff would simply function as a flat healing increase relative to the healing stored up. Death Strike could be made 150% more effective when the stack was maxed, and that could reset the healing multiplier back to 0.

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