WW Monk LF RBG/3v3 in 5.2 (and now)

Hello there!

I'm a new transfer to Arthas (as of last week) and am looking for partners to push ratings in 5.2 (when WW will actually be of some use). Been playing WW Since MoP release.

2390+ Exp in RBGs s10 and 11 (havent been able to find teams this season because nobody is looking for monk unless youre a healer.)
Was Hero of the Alliance both times. (yes i switched to horde.)

Highest 3v3 rating I've earned was 2196 on my Paladin and 2194 on DK (Paladin was a last second roll from SoR for fun so did not have much time to push higher. DK the team transfered servers before we pushed higher)

I don't know many people on Arthas and I have a slightly odd work schedule, I work Midnight to 8-30am PST. If you have any questions for me feel free to whisper me in game or leave it on this thread.

Id like to give either Hunter/ww/healer Lock/WW/healer or SP/ww/healer a shot. Open to other comps though.

mudkipx (yes my name is actually lowercase in game)

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