Which race for Rogue?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, i have a deep liking for rogues and I've been wanting to ask to find out which race on the horde would be best for a rogue, every time i seem to pick a race i feel that another might be better. So here i am! I need feedback.

I don't think there's any other race more fitting for rogue than Undead. We just look so sinister, perfect for an assassin that moves through the shadows with murderous intent. Plus with all the fear spam these days, it's nice to have WotF.

To me orcs are too large. Belfs are too... belfy.

My runner-ups on the Horde are goblins (self-serving, small, and quite capable of malovelence) and trolls (thin physical builds and plenty of built-in reasons to want to slay all the races of the Alliance).

Just my view.

All that really matters, in the case of this topic, is what YOU prefer. You're the one who will play that character, no one else. So if you want to make an orc rogue or a belf rogue, have at it.
Orcs are chunky.

Undead smell.

Trolls have big feet.

Goblins are short.

Pandarens are fat.

Blood Elves are poetry in motion. /hairflip
In terms of "expansion fittest racial", undead no doubt
The race chose it's just cosmetic, picking a race over an other won't make any significant diference in PVP or PVE. Just take what you like most.

I personally like Undead cuz it's the classic rogue's stereotype, but it's just my opinion :P
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Blood Elves are poetry in motion

Visually speaking:

The way that Forsaken's knees and spiney bits poke out everywhere deters me from being undead. Some armor that looks good normally, is wasted on a corpse.

But then again, my giant blue pancake feet and two-fingered paddlehands are out in the open. I do find it pretty visually frustrating being troll too.

I've actually been thinking about a racechange to either Orc or Bloodelf.

Orcs are pretty brutal and I like that, they have fantastic racials for Rogue.

Blood elf are the prettiest, but their racial is best served for PvP/extra interrupt.

EDIT* I just wanted to add that Pandaren are fat and if they can stealth you'd think they could just camouflage their giant bellies.

But really, to be a master thief and assassin you'd think a certain level of cardio is required...
If Alliance:

If Horde:

it's no contest.
I think that Rogue is a nice Role for Goblin...

Goblins invent many ways to earn money, among them stealing. No matter if you need to kill someone for it.

The small body is a reason to sneak when doing this!
If Alliance:

My first rogue on Alliance was Nelf.

Honestly, an extra Vanish is pretty cool, so long as you use it BEFORE you get tagged by a hunter or are stunned.

Maybe macro it.
It all depends on what you are after. If you wish to min max and disregard appearance, then there are some definite answers. If what you want is the best looking, then that varies from person to person. I suggest you do the following:

1. Visit http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-sets?filter=cl=4
2. Select a set of armor you like.
3. Click view in 3d
4. Select race and gender and wait for it to load.
5. Click over animations and look at things related to stealth, one handed specials, and such.

Once you do that, select the one you liked best.
Femsaken Eviscerate animation is awesomesauce.
Goblin stealth animation is funny.
For alliance, gnome Kick animation is hilarious.
orc rogues are prob the best. their sprint makes them look like they stole a purse
It's a two minute cooldown but arcane torrent is quite useful. Macro'd to go off if kick is on cooldown or to get that last eviscerate or envenom in is nice.

WotF would be my second choice.
I like goblin for Pvp. Extra mobility and gap closer with Rocket Jump. Also rocket jump is awesome for jumping out of smoke bombs and bad situation to get los and another restealth.
for horde-
best melee animation
HUGE sex appeal


Classic wow Rogue
gear always looks ripped and torn ( very homeless like)
good racial


good racial
hard to see and target sometimes


best racial
orc with with the stun reduction meta gem=25% reduced stun duration. rogues as well as eveyone else dies in stuns too often to not go with this. orc hands down, no question.
Female Dwarf Rogue. Everything else is subpar.

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